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Ajuge isn’t the reserved sage you tend to think of when you come across martial artists of his tradition. He takes every chance he can to show off his prowess in a fight, and by the gods if he isn’t confident. I suppose the cockiness isn’t undeserved though. His prowess is undeniable, and not many of our numbers here can hold their own against him in sparring matches. He comes from an Elexus tribe that lives to the far south. As you’d expect from Elexus, they kill almost any outsider on sight, and the few who are lucky enough to be captured instead of killed? Well, lucky probably isn’t the right word. I won’t go into the details of their blood rituals but suffice it to say, I couldn’t hold down food for a week after seeing what was left of a trapper they captured. Ajuge has seen things, that’s for certain.

Some see him as the good one of a bad bunch here, but for them, well, he’s an outcast for a reason. He decided not to kill for them and that was almost enough to get him killed himself. He barely escaped with his life and even now, it’s hard for him to find anyone willing to give him a shot – after all, most people take one look and simply see his race, not the person behind the trunk. Heck, even among the trappers, he’s usually given a wide berth. Given the Elexus’ history that reaction is understandable, perhaps even safer, but he really has proven himself to be a good one, in spite of the initial misgivings many of our number had about him.

He has been exceptional at handling some of the local threats. His speed and mastery of martial arts is second to none, and these skills seem all the better when there are others around for him to show off for. He loves an audience, that one. I think that’s part of the reason he came to the lodge in the first place. Well, that, and the fact that he’d likely be killed or driven out if he tried to integrate himself into decent society anywhere else. Whatever the reason, he has a chance to show his prowess here, and to make a name for himself, which seems to be his reason behind everything he does. If you want to make a good impression, just sit back, watch him work, and tell him you loved it. He’s a sucker for praise, and gets all too little from a collection of folks who either hate or fear every Elexus they come across.

The Ajuge miniature, Resin printed in high level detail for tabletop games such as D&D 5e.

The Baboons models comes in multiple pieces that can be glued together as well as the stat block provided in physical form.

This model comes in the colour grey and is unpainted.

Due to the nature of resin printing, small artifacts may still remain on the model which can be sanded away. I do my best to remove as many as I can however some may be missed.


Please note that some model come split in parts or split from their base and require some sort of adhesive like super glue to attach to the other parts.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This model design and the digital render is by the creator at The Dragon Trapper's Lodge and part of the Savannah Set, September 2021 Release, who can be found at https://www.patreon.com/dragontrapperslodge

(I have the merchant license to sell these models)