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Adhira lived a life of isolation in the mountains, much like most of the Tendua tribes within the Felis Kingdom do. Her life was one of peace, comfortably disconnected from the politics and disarray amongst nations in Okinja. However, after the King of the Vyaghr dynasty was killed, his son, Koja, took over and was mad with power. Soon, on her way back from gathering wood, Adhira found her tribe burning as Koja was invading, breaking the sacred treaty and enslaving her people. The town elder found Adhira and pulled her into hiding, bringing her to a sacred temple. He introduced the Tenduan hidden art of Ghost Ninjutsu, so she could go after Koja and save the Tendua people. She trained throughout the entirety of her childhood until she was ready as an adult to complete her mission. After making her way into the capital by phasing through buildings, seeing through walls, and slicing through guards without being seen-- Adhira finally found Koja, who turned out to be a Warlock and sensed her presence. Koja wounded her, affecting her mobility, but she ultimately won. Due to her injury, she couldn’t escape quickly enough and was captured by palace guards. Her people became free again under the new king, but justice had to be served for her actions. Adhira could choose to die or join the Dragon Trappers Lodge and serve until death. Adhira became a Trapper and quickly became an asset by utilizing her skills to precisely and rapidly take out aggressive creatures. With her unique ghost abilities, uncanny stealth abilities, and deadly ninjutsu, she eventually was named a Veteran after single-handedly taking on most contracts. Miku selected her to join the Kaiju Trappers team and was given a Jade Talisman that magically allowed her to see a creature’s vulnerable points and jade armor that magically prevents her from being critically wounded.

The Adhira miniature, Resin printed in high level detail for tabletop games such as D&D 5e. This model comes in two poses and either in 25mm or 75mm

The model comes in multiple pieces that can be glued together as well as the stat block provided in physical form.

This model comes in the colour grey and is unpainted.

Due to the nature of resin printing, small artifacts may still remain on the model which can be sanded away. I do my best to remove as many as I can however some may be missed.


Please note that some model come split in parts or split from their base and require some sort of adhesive like super glue to attach to the other parts.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This model design and the digital render is by the creator at The Dragon Trapper's Lodge and part of the Kaiju Invasion, June 2021 Release, who can be found at

(I have the merchant license to sell these models)