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Kaeng hailed from the Vanaran treetop kingdom of Trongo that guards the outskirts of the jungle. He had spent years fighting the variety of dangerous creatures lurking within, taking home several trophies to build his collection. However, his greatest enemy he could not yet defeat was boredom. He needed a challenge; He needed to fight something strong and knew that facing the strongest insect around would be fulfilling. Of course he knew about the passive nature of Beetle Hulks but that didn’t stop him from wanting to provoke a fight for his own entertainment. Brash and impulsive, yet strong and formidable, Kaeng managed to slay the Beetle Hulk alone in an exhausting, yet self-fulfilling battle. Kaeng soon found that he was surrounded by an angry burrow-horde of Beetle Hulk. Fear ran down his spine and he instantly regretted his decision but it was too late; They attacked and Kaeng was quickly overwhelmed, passing out and nearly dying in the process. Luckily, the Lodge had shown up to ward off the burrow-horde and save Kaeng. Kaeng recovered and joined the Lodge as repayment, swearing to never attack peaceful creatures alone and deciding to use his strength to take out real threats alongside his new comrades. He eventually became known as one of the most humble Trappers within the Lodge.

The Kaeng miniature, Resin printed in high level detail for tabletop games such as D&D 5e.

The model comes in multiple pieces that can be glued together as well as the stat block provided in physical form.

This model comes in the colour grey and is unpainted.

Due to the nature of resin printing, small artifacts may still remain on the model which can be sanded away. I do my best to remove as many as I can however some may be missed.


Please note that some model come split in parts or split from their base and require some sort of adhesive like super glue to attach to the other parts.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This model design and the digital render is by the creator at The Dragon Trapper's Lodge and part of the April 2021 Release, who can be found at https://www.patreon.com/dragontrapperslodge

(I have the merchant license to sell these models)