Asgardian Pack Hunters + Accessories

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The Asgardian Pack Hunters along with accessories, resin printed in high level detail for tabletop gaming such as Grimdark. Use this to paint or bring your tabletop army to life!


This product features various interchangeable parts including 6 Torsos, 6 Heads, 10 Pauldrons,  3 leg poses , 3 different Weapons with 5 arm poses each, and a whole lot of various accessories to make your troops look unique.


This product comes in modular pieces that can be glued together to make multiple customized armies. Due to the nature of resin printing, small artifacts may still remain on the model which can be sanded away. I do my best to remove as many as I can however some may be missed.


Please note that the product is made to order, and make take up to 7 days to dispatch.

This model comes in the colour grey and is unpainted.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


This model design and the digital render is by Atlan Forge as part of their April release on their patreon

Visit his patreon at

I have the merchant licence to sell these models.

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Very well priced item that came with many custom bits to create some really unique troops. Very impressed with the quality