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Female Fighter Mini (Emerald) ,Resin printed in high level detail for tabletop gaming such as D&D 5e.

Lore behind this character is found at the bottom of the description This model comes with a 25mm base and the model seperate, which can be glued together. This model comes in the colour grey and is unpainted.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This model design and the digital render is by the creator at RN Estudio and part of the July Release, who can be found at https://www.patreon.com/rnestudio (I have the designers permission to sell these models)

Lore: Emerald is a taciturn but amiable girl. Twin sister to Ephany, she is quite the opposite of her younger sibling. Where her sister is all about strength, Emerald uses her finesse to let the power of her opponents harmlessly pass by. Her staff is weapon and piece of art alike. Emerald wields it to unmatched efficiency, disarming her enemies with its finely crafted head, instead of harming or killing them. Thus she grants them time to repent and better their lives. She never grants a second chance, though.