Igoth Ratts(Hunchback)

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Lore: Igoth is that fellow in the corner over there. I’ll be honest, you probably won’t hear much from him unless you’re assigned to a job with him, and even then, he’s not the most talkative fellow. He used to work for a powerful noble mage that lives a few cities over. Apparently the mage’s noble house needed some muscle, and hired Igoth for the job. Unfortunately for the mage, Igoth is a little to kind for a job like that – wouldn’t hurt a fly. The mage sold him to us, claiming he was worthless, but we figured there was likely more to Igoth than meets the eye, and it turns out we were right. Of course, we don’t do indentured servitude here, so he’s making a wage, but he likes it here, and chose to stay. The trappers love him, too. He knows everyone’s favorite food and makes sure to have something ready whenever they come back from a tough commission. The only thing he’d say for the first little while was his name, or, well, that’s what we thought he was saying. Turns out the phrase he was saying was “I got rats.” But there’s a bit of a mumble there and we all thought it was his name for a bit. We’re understanding him better now, but the name stuck. He’s been trying to find work all over, and we figured we’d give him a shot here. He’s proven himself to be an exceptional help too. If you ask me, his old master just had him doing the wrong things. He’s not the brightest fellow, I’ll grant you that, but any form of manual labor and he outdoes every other person we can find. He’s also exceptionally skilled with our animals, and does a fantastic job of making sure that the trapper’s mounts are well taken care of and always in top form. He’s always in the company of a rat or two and from what I can tell, he actually understands what they say. Useful, to be sure - those things are everywhere and no one gives them a second glance these days. If you do end up on an assignment with him, don’t expect him to speak much. He’s still used to the “don’t speak unless spoken to” mentality of a servant. All the same though, you couldn’t ask for a better companion. The man is loyal to a fault, and won’t hesitate to put his life on the line for those he calls his friends.

Resin printed in extreme detail for tabletop gaming such as D&D 5e. Use this to paint or bring your tabletop games to life!

This model comes in the colour bluish grey and is unpainted and unprimed.

NOTE: All models are made to order and take a few days to print and dispatch Resin printing requires the use of supports, which can sometimes leave small artifacts. These can be easily removed or sanded away.

Please note that some model come split in parts or split from their base and require some sort of adhesive like super glue to attach to the other parts.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require a custom size for the miniature.

This model design and the digital render is by the creator at The Dragon Trapper's Lodge and part of the The Harvest Moon Festival, October 2021 Release, who can be found at https://www.patreon.com/dragontrapperslodge

(I have the merchant license to sell these models)